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 Datum:27. 3. 2012 16:44:15
 Text:Hi Earl, I have escapes too but it's not ualulsy movie. Because we love to be cheap, we ualulsy watch movies in laptop. I have really bad memory for remembering which movies I've watched or what's the story line or who are the actors. Ryan ualulsy has to remind me Yes, Dina, we have watched that together. Talking about cinema, my favourite cinema is the floating under-the-sky cinema of Ruby Princess ship. It's just very calming to watch a movie in the middle of Atlantic Ocean, sitting on beach chair that is padded with mattress and blankets, feeling the Atlantic wind and listening to the whistling ocean while watching the movie. (Unfortunately, I wish they had better selection of popcorn like ones you mentioned!)So anyway, my escape will be wide view of the beauty of nature. Just sitting on the grass or sand with mountains, valleys, lakes, the sea, in front of me, really giving me sense of peace. Of course it's not easy to find such a place in the city. In that case, botanical gardens, city parks, or harbours ualulsy do the trick. I prefer sitting on the ground than benches. Laying down is even better. Animals and birds are great friends for that. Here in Sydney, I like to go to the botanical garden and watching the cockatoos playing..-= Dinab4s last blog .. =-.

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 Karel:  Budvar bude mít novou desítku 
 Luděk:  Budvar bude mít novou desítku 
 Chody:  Ano 
 Zdenek:  bude se jmenovat PARDAL 
 Rosomák:  gambrinus , a hořký?? 
 Eda:  Pardál 
>> sJBJgnUOIwVhBarQn:  RgUFfqfJ 
 sJBJgnUOIwVhBarQn:  RgUFfqfJ 
 HxifbxFcCuTnmj:  QALSkSXLkJzGDRavCY 
 Qgne0C7bsCNd:  1zxUKmA4VU 
 4crPOvQMVfff:  cqzoYO8J 

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