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 Datum:28. 3. 2012 05:12:37
 Text:Dear EA Sports Authorities,We have learned that FIFA 12 will not icdlune Spor Toto Turkish Super League. It's a very disappointing decision for all Turkish EA Sports FIFA players. We are estimating millions of players are playing EA Sports FIFA games in Turkey and we are very upset about this decision.This decision of EA Sports, whose game FIFA is being played by millions, is not acceptable by Turkish FIFA players. We are being aggrieved by this decision.Additionally, Galatasaray shouldn't be the only team which is icdluned in game. Because many other teams has world class players in their squad, such as Fenerbahce and Besiktas. Also we see that UEFA Champions League participant Trabzonspor and 2009-2010 season's champion team Bursaspor is not added to game and it is a shocking news for us.As you know, in Besiktas's squad there are world class players, such as Quaresma, Simao, Almeida, Fernandez and Guti and also Fenerbahce has Alex, Niang, Emre, Stoch and they are being respected by many football authorities. Omitting these players in club modes will be a big loss for both Turkish and worldwide players.We hope, you can solve this problem in this one month period and you will add these teams to FIFA12.We all EA Sports FIFA series fans hope that you will make contact with competent places about this problem and you will not convict us to play Pro Evolution Soccer.Yours sincerely,EA Sports FIFA fans.ReplyWell-loved.

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 Karel:  Budvar bude mít novou desítku 
 Luděk:  Budvar bude mít novou desítku 
 Chody:  Ano 
 Zdenek:  bude se jmenovat PARDAL 
 Rosomák:  gambrinus , a hořký?? 
 Eda:  Pardál 
 sJBJgnUOIwVhBarQn:  RgUFfqfJ 
 sJBJgnUOIwVhBarQn:  RgUFfqfJ 
 HxifbxFcCuTnmj:  QALSkSXLkJzGDRavCY 
 Qgne0C7bsCNd:  1zxUKmA4VU 
 4crPOvQMVfff:  cqzoYO8J 

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