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 Autor:Michał Gaczorek
 Datum:10. 10. 2013 17:20:17
 Nadpis:Potřebujete sládka

Job Description:

Creating handcrafted beers, Nosalowy Dwor (www.nosalowy-dwor.eu) is the remarkable resort in the winter capital of Poland . Nosalowy Dwor Resort & SPA includes 3 big hotels (in total: 300 rooms available, 260 rooms in the four-star standard) and has one of the most famous “Regional Restaurant” (unique wooden building made in highlander style). It is the perfect place where we plan to open handcrafted independent brewery and expand our restaurant area of another three floors of brewery.
The idea is to invent and to prepare beers perfect for food and for all other ocmarkablercasions. We do believe that we could also educate still new social layer of beer fans and we could encourage everyone to taste our specialty. .

It is a unique opportunity for the right candidate seeking to develop his or her own brewing product. We would give you a full support of our marketing, sales and gastronomy departments. So join us and let’s create a top brewery restaurant in Poland.

“Regional Restaurant” is focused on ACTION! Become a true Leader and lead the team directly to the success. We are looking for responsible Brewer with strong character who, together with us, will create a clear vision of future. Individuals who has their own concept of brewing are perfect candidates for growth and promotion.

We have already created the list of brewery plant’s which need to be discussed and chosen together.

Job Purpose

The Master Brewer have to provides unique beer production. The Master Brewer will be responsible for all aspects of the production process and will report directly to the owner of the Restaurant and of the Resort.

Candidate Profile

The ideal candidate for this position is a passionate leader who still develops his or her brewing skills. The candidate must be result oriented and customer focused. He or she should be also well versed in technological innovations and, most of all, in brewing technology. Strong attention to detail, procedure, and process is required.

Core Competencies

• Creativity
• Hard working
• Determined
• Communication Skills
• Leader Skills
• Technical Skills
• Flexible
• Well organized
• Cheerful, friendly and sincerely
• Organized
• Competed
• Dedicated

Key Job Responsibilities

• Production Process
• Manage supplies
• Cleaning
• Ordering
• Making reports
• Excise taxes
• Manage the brewery
• Manage and invent beer recipes
• Taking care of utilities, facilities and machines
• Trouble shooting
• Represent Nosalowy Dwor Brewery
• Hiring and training assistant

Education Requirements

• Bachelor’s Degree in Fermentation Sciences or related field - preferred
• Master’s Degree in Fermentation Sciences or related field – preferred

Experience Requirements

• Minimum 2 years’ experience in a brewing position


• Fluent English

Contact Information

Submit resumes and cover letters, online only, to: michal.gaczorek@nosalowy-dwor.eu
Visit: www.nosalowy-dwor.eu

Job Location:


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>> Michał Gaczorek:  Potřebujete sládka 

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